upcoming project: painting!

One project that really needs to be done is touching up the paint around our front door!

Front door

I don’t think I’m up to painting the whole house, nor do I really feel like putting the money into that much paint right now. (My neighbors said the house was painted when the previous owners bought it, in 2006. That yellow was the original color of the house.) Ideally, I should probably paint at least the whole front of the main level of the house, but to be honest I doubt I’ll get to it. So, my desire is to match the paint as close as possible and cover the yellow, then in a few years we’ll paint the whole house. (I’m thinking of changing the color then, too!)

I went to Home Depot and found a color that was pretty close. I’d like to check out Lowe’s, as well, to see if they have the exact match.

I’ve been doing some research about painting the exterior of a house. I thought this article was very helpful. The most important right now is to watch the weather and find the perfect warmth and non-rainy time. I’ll update with some “after” pictures when I finish!!

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  2. If you can bring in a sample of the paint, Lowe’s can color match it. Maybe there’s a little splintered piece of wood or something that has broken off? When we replaced our gutters a few years ago, we had some rotted pieces of wood that had to be replaced. Steven brought a piece of wood into Lowe’s and they color matched it. (Because the paint was a bit faded after a few years.) You really can’t tell what’s new and what’s old paint!

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