the endless cycle

With the discouraging news about our foundation, I haven’t had much motivation to keep our house clean and decorated. I’ve noticed this is a vicious cycle. Because I don’t stay on top of housework, and I feel ashamed of my house. Because I feel ashamed, I get frustrated with the amount of money needed for major repairs. Because I’m frustrated with lack of money, I have no motivation to clean or decorate. And so on and so forth.

I know that the best way of stopping the cycle is to stay on top of housework, even when I don’t feel like it. There is a site called Habithacker which I discovered a little while ago. She has daily posts meant to inspire and encourage people to get into the habit of daily housework. All last month, I tuned in daily to the “Days 1-31” for nesting (home management). At first I did well, but fell off the bandwagon shortly thereafter.

Since it’s the first of the month again, I am determined to do better this time! The first day’s assignment is to “polish your place” – in my case, I decided my place is my kitchen sink. The kitchen is probably my least favorite room, after the upstairs bathroom, as far as layout and how it looks. So the least I can do, the dishes, will probably help with my perception of the kitchen. I’m hoping, anyways. :-)

Here is what my kitchen looks like right now. My goal is to either load the dishwasher or wash all the dishes before I go to bed tonight. Hopefully, I can keep that up. :-)

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