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A long time ago, someone sent me a link to a website called Young House Love. It’s about a couple our age who bought a 54 year old house, and in the past 4 years have updated and renovated it to create a beautiful, stylish home for their family. I love reading their website, and at the time it inspired me to start this blog.

I had lost the link until today, when Joanna linked to it on Twitter. I was very excited! I spent part of the evening reading through it again, and getting inspired.

It’s easy to get discouraged about our house because the projects seem so expensive. We don’t *have* $15,000 to fix our foundation. We probably will never have the money to do all the things I want, like tear out all the paneling and put in drywall. I’m trying to be content with what we have.

If you want to get inspired, take a poke around Young House Love, especially their before/after pictures. Hopefully our house will look just as beautiful someday. :-)

One thought on “Inspirational website

  1. Thanks for posting the link! I’ve been addicted to the site ever since, and I’m already dreaming of redecorating once we get into our “forever” home. :-)

    Their style is almost exactly what I’d like to do, except given the choice I’d pick a 1930s bungalow over a 1950s ranch. I love how they’ve started from scratch and learned to do so much themselves and have taken 4 years to get to where they are now–it’s so encouraging for me since I’d love to try my hand at renovating an older home. I also love how they stick to a realistic budget and try to keep their home simple and uncluttered.

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