things I love about our house

I complain a lot about our house, but really I need to focus on the positives. So here are some things I love.

1) I love our neighborhood. I initially refused to look here, and only consented because it was the only affordable thing we could find, but I’ve been surprised at how much I like it. It’s a pleasant neighborhood with lots of trees, no HOA, very close to the train station, we’re a block away from the bus stop, and we’re only a mile each from 2 major highways. We can get downtown in about 15 or 20 minutes, which I love. We’re technically in the suburbs, but we’re closer to the city than to the real outlying suburbs.
2) I love the bay window. It’s so pleasant and lets in so much light.
3) I really like the yellow we painted all the walls. I wanted to get something light and neutral to start, and this is perfect I think.
4) I like the original hardwood floors. We had them cleaned before moving in and they turned out beautiful! They’re in great condition too for being 50 years old.
5) I love our stove/oven. It came with the house, and I assumed it would be cheap or old, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I love cooking on gas.
6) Now that we have the den fixed up, I really like having that space down there to put all of Savannah’s toys. I think it will be especially useful when we have more than one!
7) I like the split-level layout. It’s more interesting, in my opinion. I like that our house is not too big, but big enough that we could raise a family here if we wanted.
8) I like the size of the bedrooms. Some of the houses we looked at had big master bedrooms and teeny-tiny other bedrooms. Our room is about the same size as the guest room, and they are both a good size I think. Savannah’s room is smaller, but still definitely big enough for her.
9) I like that we have a utility room big enough to put shelves for storage. It’s a good size, and I prefer storing things indoors if possible. It’s also small enough to keep us from going crazy, hanging onto things we don’t need.
10) I am grateful for central air. I doubt there was central air when this house was built, so I am grateful that a previous owner added that.
11) I am glad there is a half bath in addition to the full bath – I hated living in a place with only one bathroom, especially when we had guests.
12) I like having a yard big enough to do something like have a garage sale if I want to. Or have a slip & slide. Or a kiddie pool.

One thought on “things I love about our house

  1. That seems to be a pretty long list with a lot of major positive features, I know it can be hard to focus on the bright side with so many seemingly huge negatives. I have trouble with our house even though I love the actual house, it’s just that it’s located in a subdivision with barely a yard and in Central Indiana (Keep trying to get out of Indiana, it always brings me back). Not ideal, but not nearly the worst things in the world.

    I don’t know why modern houses have such large master bedrooms either. We sleep in the second bedroom and turned our master into a movie room, much better use of the space =)

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