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Since we had guests this weekend (my in-laws came to visit – Grandma and Grandpa!), I took advantage of the guest room being clean to take a picture! While the kitchen may have had the most work done to it, the guest room probably looks the most different.

First, the stairs to go to the top level of our split-level home (before, after):
Stairs to go up to the bedroomsThe stairs

The before picture for the guest room:
2nd bedroom

And now, how the guest room looks today… Are you ready? Here it is!
The guest room

What a difference a bit of paint made!!

The dark paneling made the room feel even smaller, so I picked a nice very light blueish color to cover the walls. It’s the same color that we painted our bedroom as well. We also pulled up the carpet, and of course the hardwood underneath was refinished at the same time as the rest of the house. It looks like a different room now!

We had the headboard already (it was mine from before we got married), so we bought a new mattress in anticipation of many wonderful guests.

Window, sewing machine

Closets in the guest room

In addition to a guest room, this will also be a craft/sewing room. You can see my sewing machine set up next to the bed. In the closet is a dresser filled with all my craft supplies. I am looking forward to having a bit more space to spread out than in my last apartment!

We still haven’t unpacked everything that will reside this room. Namely, the books that will go in that bookcase are still in boxes. Also, one of the closets is full of pictures that will be hung on the walls as soon as I get organized and figure out where exactly I want them. Once that closet is empty, we’ll fill it with miscellaneous boxes that need a home.

So now that you see what a nice guest room we have, you have no excuse not to come and visit us!

I have pictures of Savannah’s room which I’ll put in another post. Our room desperately needs to be cleaned and it still needs to be unpacked/organized so once that is done I will take a picture and post it. Our bathroom did not change much, but I’ll try to get a picture later. That’s it for the upstairs. Stay tuned. :-)

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