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First Day of Preschool

What a year!

Last Day of Preschool

Can’t believe school is ending. This is my last morning of silence… I have overall been really happy with my decision to send her to preschool. I think it’s been a great year, and it was fun to do the school thing for a change. :-) I think she liked it, too. I wish we could have gotten her into the 3 year old class, but the 2 1/2 wasn’t bad. (The 3 year old class was full when I enrolled her.)

I would have enrolled her again next year, but we just couldn’t swing it. So, I plan to homeschool her next year for Pre-K. This is going to be a test year for me… to see if I can be disciplined and organized enough for this homeschooling thing. It will be interesting!

spray paint and a project from my YHL book

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Today I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time… It involved spray paint and a project from my Young House Love (YHL) book! I gave our old brass chandelier an update.

It seems that I don’t have a “before” picture, boo. Well here is the closest I have:
Ugly chandelier

One of the glass globes broke a while ago, so we took them all off.

First I collected my spray paint. I used stuff that I already had from a previous project. I ended up buying another can of the metallic spray.
Spray paint

It was pretty dirty, so I cleaned it with a damp rag.

I covered the light bulb sockets with painter’s tape so they wouldn’t get paint in them, and then I started with the primer. I don’t think this is always necessary, but since I already had the primer I decided to go for it.
Coat of primer...

After the first coat of the metallic spray. It’s somewhat of a charcoal gray – I really love this color.
First coat

Closeup, while waiting for it to dry.
Waiting to dry

I just love the metallic finish.
Waiting to dry

Once dry, I took off the painter’s tape and put the bulbs back in!

Hanging up! (Sorry for the not great picture – it was getting dark, and if I waited until tomorrow to take a picture I’d probably never get around to it!)
In place!

Here it is with the lights on.
With lights on

I really like it! Definitely an improvement. I’m trying to take care of little projects around the house that will make it look nicer but not really cost money. I also majorly rearranged the living room, so once I get it clean then I’ll get some pictures of that. We’ve lived here almost 4 years and I’m just now feeling like hanging pictures on the wall, heh. :-) Our bedroom has had some major cleaning and it looks great! So maybe pictures of that next.

I started a new blog…

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I know, I know, I have so many blogs! But recently I started a new one called “Tents and Trails“. It’s about tent camping with children. I’m hoping to keep it regularly updated, but it might be somewhat stagnant during the winter months.

Hop on over and check out my most recent blog post, 12 Great Camping-Themed Books for Kids.

Also, I am hoping to incorporate guest posts on that blog, so if you’re interested please let me know.

gym and swim, part 2

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Yesterday was our third gym & swim lesson. It’s gotten less chaotic since the first day, but not quite what I was envisioning. The gymnastics portion had 9 kids last week, and only 7 today. I feel like 7 is a much better number! I don’t see how you could expect an instructor to handle more than that. Savannah really seems to enjoy the gymnastics portion.

The swimming however – not so much. Last week, she abruptly started crying about halfway through. I ended up getting her and we left early. We never figured out why she was crying.

Then today she started crying almost immediately. It’s so weird – she is very excited about swimming beforehand, and willingly goes to the pool and sits on the side, but then starts crying wanting to go home. The instructor suggested I not let her see me, so I sat in the shadows. I was not sure if she could see me and I didn’t want to run the risk, so I just peeked at her every so often. When I went to get her when she was done, the instructor said she did okay and that afterward he talked to her about next time.

Anyway I’m disappointed… I don’t know why she’s responding like this, and I wonder if it was too much to do both at once. Well now I know for next time. :-)

Next week I’m going to remember to wear appropriate footwear so I can get my workout in while she’s in swimming. :-)