keepin’ busy in the summer heat

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I’m about 5 weeks away from my estimated due date, and that thought makes me nervous!! I don’t feel nearly ready for a baby. I do have all her clothes washed and put away, but I’m still working on diapers and I need to set up her cosleeper soon. I washed the cover for the infant carseat today, and I’m pleased that the mold came out – at least 95% of it. I need to decide if there’s anything I can do about the last little bit.

Lest you think I’ve been vigorously attacking these household chores, I have to assure you that I have slowed down considerably and my days consist of sitting on the couch, only getting up to meet Savannah’s needs and requests. By evening I am exhausted and I struggle to get comfortable in any position. Right now, laying down is most comfortable on my body, but it makes it difficult to do anything. I think Paul is getting worn out and frustrated because when he gets home from work I greet him with a list. :-) Just because I’m unable to do anything doesn’t mean I’m done nesting!

My weeks are busy with appointments. I am seeing my perinatologist every week for non-stress tests, which are about 20 minutes hooked up to the monitors while they check the baby’s heartrate and movement to make sure she is still healthy. My normal prenatal appointments are at a different office and were every 2-3 weeks but now every week. Unfortunately, I can’t do them the same day because I have to get childcare for the one but can bring her to the other, and I can’t ask a friend to watch Savannah for as ling as it would take to do two appointments.

I am also seeing my chiropractor about every week or two, and she has kept me in tip-top shape. My sciatica has only bothered me once and while I might be moving slow, I’m definitely not in pain.

Then there are miscellaneous events and playdates that fill our other days. I am exhausted and am avoiding anything outdoors. We’ve had a nice extended spring, but temps are reaching the 90s and above now. Thanks to the warm winter, the mosquitoes and other bugs are TERRIBLE. I had ambitious plans of water games and letting Savannah have fun outside, but it’s been so hard with all the bugs and wimpy me not wanting to be in the heat.

I didn’t mean to complain this post! I am just trying to keep chugging along. I’m feeling anxious about all the changes coming up, feeling unprepared. Wondering where I’m going to find the time and energy to finish things like putting a bunkbed in Savannah’s room. (We bought already from Ikea and Savannah is SO excited but Paul has just not had time to work on it!)

I should probably go to sleep since it’s quarter till 2am. We have a 10am appointment in the morning!

Tackling the “to do” list

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I have been somewhat lazy about tackling my “to do” list before the baby comes. I really should write the whole thing out and put it somewhere where I’ll be reminded!! But tonight I got several things accomplished and I feel good.

We found out a few weeks ago that our bank was discontinuing the rewards program where we got points when we used our debit card as a credit card. We signed up for this about 5 years ago and have never redeemed the points, so we had a nice little sum! Paul, being the unmaterialistic guy he is, said he didn’t want anything and told me to use the points to get something for me.

I scoured the catalog and came up with several possibilities, but I kept coming back to the e-readers. I probably wouldn’t buy one for myself, but I can see where they’d be nice! I weighed the options (I could only get a basic one) and decided on the Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light (or something like that). The LCD ones were out of my budget, and this one was the only e-ink one where you can read in the dark. While reading in bright sunlight is a pro for some people, the only chances I get to read are in the dark – waiting for Savannah to fall asleep and waiting for myself to fall asleep. I have read a few books on my iPod but I find the screen too small. Tonight I used almost all my rewards points to get the $150 gift card to buy my Nook! I’m excited. I hope I like it, and it doesn’t become an expensive habit of buying books! (Our library has e-books so we’ll see if that works well!)

Another thing I did tonight was order a new pail liner for my diapers. I noticed tonight that my pail liner is full of clean cuts – like someone took scissors to it. I am so confused! I can’t imagine it happened accidentally or during wash/dry, so my best guess is that Savannah somehow got a hold of scissors and had a ball. I ordered a new pail liner, and decided to also get some prefolds for New Baby. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a chance to take inventory of what I have to see if I need to order anything else.

I wrote a few needed emails for the birth center, and also sent out an email to local friends asking if anyone is interested/willing to take Savannah while I’m at the hospital. I’m really anxious about that, and hopefully it will all work out.

Now it’s bedtime but for some reason I can’t sleep. My whole body is achy and my mind is racing with things I want to do tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow Paul and I can work on getting Savannah’s new bunkbed put together! I’m excited about that!

baby girl names, round two

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I promised people I would post our “short list”. :-) As we did last time, we won’t be announcing the name until after the baby is born. In the meantime we’ve been talking about it a lot. With Savannah, we kinda “knew” her name really early on. With this baby, the same thing happened but I’m a lot less settled on it. I like it, but I am concerned it’s too common (I keep running into kids with the same name), though it is far enough down the SSA name list for my comfort level *and* it’s been dropping in popularity (slightly) over the past 10 years. It’s actually a lot less popular than Savannah (which is currently #41), and I have run into very few Savannahs. And of course, it’s hard to know what’s going to becoming a trendy name in the next five years… “Ashley” for example shot up in popularity in the years following my birth year. Anyway, I’m probably putting way too much thought into it!

Without further ado, I will give you our short list. The first and middle names I have in mind may or may not be on this list. Also, the rules:
1) No names beginning with A, B, P, or S. I am being very firm on this.
2) I am drawn to older, more traditional names and have been especially interested in old Southern names to go with “Savannah”.
3) No variations of Ann or Anna (because of Savannah’s name). Sadly, this and criteria #1 knock out a LOT of really awesome names.

These are the names we considered last time that don’t break my first criteria:
Lillian (call her Lily)

I expanded the list with the help of some ladies on a forum I frequent. They helped me come up with some Southern names.

You’ll have to wait 6.5 weeks (give or take a few weeks) to find out what we ended up deciding. :-)