Happy Thanksgiving! and other stuff

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This year, our family Thanksgiving was here in Atlanta! My parents and my brother and his family all drove up from Orlando area to celebrate along with the rest of my dad’s side of the family. It was really nice to have everyone here. My parents slept in our den, and AJ, Molly, and Drew took the guest room. It was the first time having someone stay in our den and it worked pretty well! There is a half bath down there, so a bit more privacy instead of having to share the upstairs bath with everyone (though the only shower is upstairs). However, there is no door at the top of the steps so we had to be careful with noises and light.

We had Thanksgiving meal at my uncle’s clubhouse, and really enjoyed our time. All my dad’s 4 siblings were there along with their spouses, and 7 of the 10 grandkids were there, along with the spouses and kids of the ones who had them. All total, there were 4 great-grandkids! My grandparents (who passed away about 10 years ago) would have loved it.

Our family was well represented – just missing my sister Amy who was unable to make it. We all missed her and definitely felt the void of her not being there. :-(

My cousin’s daughter is just 5 months older than Savannah, and the two of them had a blast playing together. It was so cute! I snapped this picture of them watching some dogs who were down below. Look at how long Savannah’s hair is now!
Long hair!

We didn’t get a family picture because Savannah was not cooperating, but here are my parents and my brother’s family:
Mom and Dad

AJ, Molly, and Drew
(Isn’t Drew adorable?? He’s 6 months old now!)

And Paul and Savannah…
Daddy and Savannah

You can see all the pictures on my Flickr album here.

Everyone left this morning, and Paul had to work the second shift today. I have been alternating between enjoying the quiet of just Savannah and I, and thinking it’s TOO quiet.

And since Thanksgiving has passed, I am so excited to be officially in the Christmas season! Wow, it seems to have snuck up on me this year! I feel like I try my hardest to ignore it the first part of November that it’s hard for me to just flip the switch the day after Thanksgiving. We did watch “Miracle on 34th Street” yesterday evening, as is our family (Paul and my family) tradition. I went to pull the decorations out, but it was buried and I decided I’ll wait until tomorrow when Paul is around to help me. I did turn on the Christmas music, and Savannah and I danced to it around the den. (I think she’s enjoying the room actually clean and having room to run down there!)

Oh and I did a bit of Black Friday shopping! And since I am a mother of a young one and I value my sleep (heh), I did my shopping online. We have been talking about getting break resistant dishes, and putting the heavy stoneware up for while we have little kids. I love our dishes, and prefer not to see them chipped and shattered! I don’t want to eat off plastic for the next few years, and I want Savannah to be able to help with carrying the dishes around. So I checked out Corelle’s website and found a set of dishes that are similar colors to our current Pfaltzgraff stoneware. And, the sales were great! I was able to get 12 each of dinner plates, lunch plates, and bowls for a little under $60 – it was more than $125 if I’d bought the same at retail price! I am excited.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Friday Fives

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I just made up my own meme. Five things on Friday. It might already exist, but I’m too tired to try and find something. So I’ll just continue on…

1. I had an appointment with a hematologist on Tuesday. She seemed unconcerned about everything; I guess because she sees a lot of people who are much worse than me. I was the youngest patient there by 20 years or more. She did some more bloodwork (lupus and something else), and will call on Tuesday. She told me to take a baby aspirin and a bunch of other things, so here is my new daily pill regimen: 1 baby aspirin, 3 folic acid, 1 B6, 1 B12, 1 prenatal, and 2 progesterone. She doesn’t see a problem with pregnancy, and neither does my perinatologist, so we’ll work from here I guess. I have a history of being bad with daily pills (don’t ask me how often I took my prenatals when I was pregnant with Savannah!), so I am starting now in order to get in the habit. I am in the middle of my cycle, so I guess next month we can start officially trying if we decide to do that. I might want to wait another month though… I feel weird discussing this on my blog, so that’s probably all I’ll say about that. :-)

I didn’t get a chance to ask about my migraines. She did say to be careful when I’m on long trips – make sure I’m moving around to avoid any blood clots in my legs. She also said I will have to be careful if I ever have surgery, but I’m sure we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

2. I bought an old dresser and am working on refinishing it. It had been decorated with stickers and glitter in years past and so I scraped it off and sanded it, and am hopefully going to paint it tomorrow. It’s going to go in Savannah’s room – she needs a place for her clothes! I hope it turns out nicely, because this is my first time attempting a project like this. I’ll post pictures on my house blog when I’m done.

3. Paul got his holiday schedule and he’s working on Christmas this year. :-( We were going to go to Orlando, but we’ll be home I guess. Oh well! We enjoyed making our own memories at home last year. And although I like being with my family, I also do like being in Atlanta instead of Florida. For some reason, having a cold Christmas just seems *right*. :-) (And I say this having spent most of my childhood in a country where Christmas was at the beginning of summer.) Oh and speaking of seasons – fall is in full swing here in Atlanta and it is BEAUTIFUL! I really should just take my camera and start taking pictures. I just love driving and seeing all the fall colors.

4. We had grass put in our backyard two weeks ago, and it is starting to peek up through the straw! I am so excited. I hope next spring we have a nice yard for Savannah to play in. Right now we mostly play in the front yard, where it’s slightly nerve-wracking being on a corner and having streets on two sides of us.

5. I am attending an all-day strategic planning session for the birth center this weekend! I am very excited. I hope this will give me a lot of ideas for the website and our Facebook page (and all the other social media things we’re part of).

Okay it was way more difficult than I expected to write 5 things. I’m going to go watch CSI:NY now!