i am back!

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What a wonderful weekend! I loved seeing my family again. The good news is I’m going to fit into my dress. The bad news is a I have to lose weight. :-) Ah well I knew I would have to.

Some things spotted from the car on my way down and back: I saw Peculiar People on their way to Jacksonville, FL for a concert. That was cool. I remember when they came to Taylor, and I really enjoyed them!

The license plates on two different Corvettes: ADIOSSS and SEE YA (the latter one was an Indiana plate :-)).

A man on a sidewalk along the side of the road in Orlando. He was riding a bicycle, pulling a wagon/cart thing with a dog sitting on the back. Priceless! I wish I had had my camera with me.

A license plate with the letters AEB on it. My future initials! :-)

Okay I should go unpack now… Fun, fun! :-p Maybe early-to-bed for Ashley tonight.

this and that

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I have often started a blog post, only to quit because I had nothing to say. So I will compile several of my shorter posts into one nice long post. :-)

  • I bought a pilates DVD and have started doing those in my apartment on the days I don’t work out in the fitness room. I’m hoping this will help “shape” and “tone”. Mostly, I’m hoping it will help me lose enough weight to fit into the wedding dress I have. :-)
  • The fun part about getting engaged is talking to old friends I don’t talk to very often. I called several people, and IMed several others… They have been fun conversations. Already I’ve had two people say they can’t make July 29th due to another wedding being the same day. :-( That makes me sad but it’s inevitable! It’s hard to find a date that works for everyone. (Isn’t that right, Joanna?)
  • My grandfather had knee-replacement surgery on Tuesday. (My other grandfather never recovered from this surgery, and passed away a few years ago.) He seems to be doing very well and the doctors are positive. My mom reports that he’s in a lot of pain, but he’s on the mend. Thanks for praying, those who knew!
  • I’m going to Orlando this weekend!! I’m super excited. I miss my family! I am picking up all the wedding stuff left over from before, as well as another desk for my apartment – for Paul’s computer, as he is going to use my apartment as his “office” doing freelance work until he finds full-time work in Atlanta.
  • I’ve been watching the Olympics daily and have been enjoying them. I especially liked Ice Dancing, which I’ve never watched before. I don’t like the aerial skiing events (when they do flips and stuff in the air). It gives me the willies to watch.
  • I bought a binder today to organize my wedding planning. I had fun in Office Depot! Did you know there are hundreds of binders to choose from? I learned there are four types of rings, several sizes, and several other features that all make it overwhelming. I had fun, though. Office suuply stores are fun. :-) And I’m all organized now.
  • My cats are adorable. I like them. :-) I could write whole posts about them. Lewis likes to sleep on my pillow, and so I often wake up in the middle of the night with him on my pillow and me at an odd angle with my head off the pillow. He looks so cute… but I kick him off anyways. (C’mon, there are two pillows on my bed, he can have the other one.)

I think that’s it. Farewell for now!